What We Offer

You know the problem!

You've been to other studios and the manager there spends ages faffing about with microphones, demanding you do everything to a click track and insisting on you doing that guitar take for the umpteenth time!

If you are looking for a no non-sense high quality solution to recording your band without all that headache and that keeps the artistic juices flowing, then we believe we can help you and do it at a very competitive price!

Over the course of a weekend we can record your band in studio conditions but with that "live" feel that can so easily be lost with a more clinical approach to recording that many studios use. We work in a very relaxed manner and give the control of your music back to you.

A typical recording weekend would look like this, but will be varied to suit your needs.

Friday Night
  • Drummer comes in and sets up and mic's are placed and adjusted so the drum kit is ready for an early start.

  • 9am Band set up
  • Tracks are recorded with the band playing as live, with temporary vocals
  • 1pm Stop for lunch
  • 1.30 - 2pm Continue recording. Final number of tracks will depend on how prepared and practised the band are, which affects the number of re-takes required. Often bands aim to do 4 - 6 tracks, but that can vary greatly.
  • 5.30 - 6pm Finish

  • 10am - 6pm Band returns (sometimes not all members) to record final vocals and any extra guitar/instrument tracks that need to be added.

During following week
  • I will mix and produce the tracks putting them on line for your comments and input
  • After the initial mix you will be invited back to the studio for critical listening and comments
  • Even at this late stage additional tracks maybe layed down
  • The final product will then be available on CD as well as copies in mp3 and wav formats

The all inclusive cost for all the above will be mealy £300 no hidden extras!

Additionally, small quantities of CD's can be produced (50 being a normal number) for Demo's or selling at gigs at a cost of £60 for the first 50. CD's produced in lots of 10, at £15 per lot.