After The Test

At the end of the test

The examiner will add up all the marks that you got against your driving. If the minor faults add up to 15 or less then you have passed, but more than this - or any marks in the serious or dangerous faults column and you will have failed! The examiner will then offer to explain any points that he marked down in the test and possibly suggest any area that you may need working on.

If you Pass!

At the end of the test the examiner will offer to take your provisional license from you and send it off with his paperwork. You will then automatically get the full license returned to you in about two to three weeks. You can keep the driving licence yourself, but you will have to send off for your new licence using a form from the post office. Some people will do this if they need to keep their driving licence on them for ID purposes.

From that moment on you are allowed to drive a car unaccompanied! You may like to consider taking a Pass Plus course. The advantage of that to you is that you will receive the equivalent of one years no claim bonus off your motor insurance. More often than not this saving more than pays for the course of lessons that are involved. Typically you would be saving in the region of 300 to 400 pounds off your insurance - and the cost of the lessons would be £150.

If you wish, after you've passed your test, you can take extra lessons in any area that you feel unsure in. These include Pass Plus, Motorway Lessons, Parking Lessons and Refresher Lessons for people that have not driven for a long time since their test. Also people converting from Automatic cars to Manual are catered for.

If you Fail!

You should apply to re-take your test as soon as possible, unless your instructor recommends otherwise. If you leave it for any length of time you will be loosing ability unless you are taking lessons regularly. Any areas that came up in the test should be worked on, although in a test situation it is often just nerves that get the better of you on the day and often the problem may not be something you'd normally do. Even so, it is likely that there is a weakness in that area.

You can apply again straight after the test for a new date, but you are not allowed to re-take a test until 10 days after a failure.