Booking You Test

Please make sure you are using the official website when booking your tests. There are companies that will do it for you and charge you an extra fee for the privilage. Unless you are sure about the company that is booking the test for you, then I would strongly advise using the links below to get to the official booking site.

Booking a Theory Test

Please make sure you have studied well for your Theory Test, it is worth the time to do it well as not only will it ensure you will get a pass first time, but is also essential knowledge to have out on the road.

Book your Theory test by clicking HERE!

Booking Your Practical Test

Please DO NOT book your test unless I have given you the go ahead to do so first.

Please make sure you use my ADI number when booking a test 220975 (assuming you are one of my pupils!) This will ensure that I am not double booked with someone else taking their test at the same time.

If you are looking to get a cancellation, then please consult we me FIRST before moving your test date if that test date is closer than two weeks. Having said that, it would be preferable to consult with me anytime before moving a test.

Book your Practical test by clicking HERE!

Please inform me ASAP of any dates that you have booked.